Has your event been cancelled or postponed?

Do you want to show support for someone in a creative and original way?


 you should make a Social Distance Montage!

The best way to make someone's day from far away

The Social Distance Montage is the easy, safe, and fun way to gather clips from friends and family, share the content with us at Montage Guru, and build a video.

just text the instructions to everyone who will be in your video and let us do the rest

Create a professional video featuring your friends, your family, or your colleagues

Avoid spending hours of your time learning to organize, edit, and share content

Charitable donation for each video we create

The only thing participants need is a smartphone!

Why would I need a Social Distance Montage?
  • Your child had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party postponed and you are now hosting the service at home
  • Your boss asked if you could "bring the staff together during quarantine"
  • Your girlfriend's birthday is coming up and her friends can't hang out in person
  • Your school had to cancel a graduation ceremony and you'd like to get a video together for the whole grade
  • A class of third graders wants to show their teacher that they miss her while she's teaching remotely
  • Your puppy misses her friends from the dog park and you don't want them to lose touch!
  • You really just love social distancing???

Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Fill out the form below

 Step 2

We send you our resource packet with instructions for you and your participants

Step 3

Text instructions to participants and download the app

Step 4

Everyone takes a video of themselves and shares in the app

Step 5

Montage Guru will format your video exactly as you envision it and help you share it!


Every video comes with music, backgrounds, title slides, and transition effects.

  • $6 per video
  • $1 per photo
  • $200 Minimum

20% of your order donated to a charity of your choosing!

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Fill out a short contact form and we will follow up with an email and a phone consultation to go over all of the details.